How to update Workflow Administrator Role in Oracle Applications

If you want to see workflow details (owned by other users) or status diagram in Oracle Applications 11i/R12 then you should belong to one of responsibilities/user listed under WF_ADMIN_ROLE.

By default (in 11i & R12) this role is set to user sysadmin (In old versions 11.5.8 or prior, it used to set to *)

If you wish to change WF_ADMIN_ROLE, as per most of meta link notes either

1. Change it via Workflow Administrator Web Applications responsibility (Login as sysadmin >> Workflow Administrator Web Applications >> Administration)

or update table
2. SQL> update wf_resources set text=’&Enter_Admin_Name’ where name=’WF_ADMIN_ROLE’;

to set it to everyone, use
SQL> update wf_resources set text=’*’ where name=’WF_ADMIN_ROLE’;


Problem with above solution
– Execution of Auto config will override above settings. Auto config will pick value against parameter s_wf_admin_role (default value SYSADMIN) from context file $CONTEXT_FILE

Correct way to set Workflow Administrator Role

1. First identify Workflow Role Name associated with User or Responsibility.

A. For setting Admin Role to specific user
SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘&USER_NAME’  and ORIG_SYSTEM=’FND_USR’;

B. For setting it to a responsibility (so that all users with that responsibility can view other user’s Workflow)
SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘&Responsibility_Name’ and ORIG_SYSTEM=’FND_RESP’;

SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘System Administrator‘;  (output for System Administrator responsibility should look like)FND_RESP|SYSADMIN|SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR|STANDARD

SQL> select name from apps.wf_roles where DISPLAY_NAME like ‘Application Developer‘; (output for Application Developer responsibility should look like)

2. Update context file ($CONTEXT_FILE) variable s_wf_admin_role (If you don’t see this parameter in context file then apply latest Autoconfig Patch) to value from above query

For Sysadmin User – Set it to SYSADMIN

For System Administrator Responsibility – Set it to

For Application Developer Responsibility – Set it to FND_RESP|FND|APPLICATION_DEVELOPER|STANDARD

3. Run Autoconfig
$OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ (11i)