Different Types of Table in Oracle Apps

In oracle applications there are tables that ends with similar suffixes. Here I am trying to list the meaning of those, please provide your suggestion and help me if I have missed anything.

_B The Main base tables
_ALL Contains multi org data. There will be similar table without _ALL. Before querying this data the environment variable needs to be set. Dbms_application_info.set_client_info(‘org_id’), or apps_initialize can be used to set the environment variable.common column.
_V View created on base table. Mostly forms are created based on this views
_TL Tables that support multi language.
_VL View created on multi language tables. The view generally uses the base table and _tl table
_F This indicates that these are the date tracking tables. These tables are generally seen for HRMS and contain 2 common columns effective_start_date and effective_end_date
_S sequence related tables
_DFV /_KFV The DFF/KFF table created on the base table. This is the best way to get the concatenated value of DFF/KFF.
Also using this table the values can be queried based on the DFF/KFF name and not attributes column.
_X Current information table..there is no date tracking .